letter from the sea and from foreign lands

These photographs were taken in a different place. In the North of France over a period of one year. In the forest. In the lights of the forest. Taken with a medium format camera, and in color rather than in black and white, to find a semblance of reality in what seemed to be no more reality. The beings, precisely, whether human, animal or vegetable, populated my long walks in the sparse forests. I didn't leave behind me any white pebbles or breadcrumbs and I wasn't afraid of being devoured by apparitions with wolf-like or family-like features; rather, I saw deer watching me for a long time and no matter which side roads I took, I knew that I would never manage to get lost and that I would be back home by nightfall. Before falling asleep, one last time, whatever the season, I would open the window to listen to the sounds of the forest, rain water on the leaves or wild boars searching the wet and black ground.