Maputo, an insider’s look

Photographs taken in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, where I lived for 9 months.
Well, it’s always strange to say “taken” here or there, as if in the end the location determined everything, setting aside the mental and emotional context, as well as all the things you may put in a moment unawares, independently from its geographical location.
Gathered here are several months of wanderings, of walks in the streets of the capital city; several months of shooting, that detail, diary-like, a life full of meetings, surprises, searches, of joy and sadness.
I took these photos with a mobile phone, an old 2006 Samsung that still worked all right and gave me the impression I was “touching” the stuff of grains of light; at dusk especially, during these moments I love so much, when taking a walk is sweet... Night falls at last; tiredness and the day’s thousand little worries feel like they belong to another time, another dimension…